6 thoughts on “Imagination…

  1. Good morning, Dora! Love this quote. I pressed the like button, but my Gravatar didn’t appear. Not sure what’s going on lately. Having trouble liking, commenting, and sharing. Technology is great some days and a bummer other days. LOL! Hope you’re enjoying your summer!


  2. I agree! Not sure what’s going on. Its definitely weird. I have to continually log in before I comment, and every site shows a follow button even though I get an email and a post in my Reader. I think it may have to do with the app updating. It’s whacked out from this heat. LOL. Happy Wednesday to you too.

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    • I know, right? We went straight from a long winter to summer, BAM! But, after the crazy cold winter, I kinda figured it would be HOT, just not approaching 100 degrees in June. Sheesh.


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