Happy Labor Day

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day to all my American friends! May you savor and enjoy everything about today!

Since the holiday became official in 1894, Labor Day commemorates workers and their contribution to our country’s “strength, prosperity, and well-being” with a day off from work. While some may doubt the validity of those adjectives now, I’m thankful for so many freedoms.

Our original plans for this weekend involved cleaning and painting and mega repairs to a fixer-upper (translation: needs a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and $$) chalet in the mountains we love so much. Unfortunately, those plans fell through, not just a crack, but bottomed out in a sinkhole. We’re disappointed but hope to share more news in a few weeks.

In the spirit of labor and, well, rest today…we will be scaling back on our Monday posts. Be sure to pop in every Wednesday for an inspirational or motivational nugget and on Saturday for our Excited about Eating features.

How did you celebrate Labor Day Weekend?

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