Go Tiny!

Travel makes one modest.

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” ~Gustave Flaubert

Hubby and I have always enjoyed traveling. When we lived in Florida, we packed up the car with Christmas gifts and drove for days in search of snow. Now that the kids are grown, we venture even further. Europe, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama…our bucket list is long! Every time we explore a new area, I’m amazed. Amazed at how new the US is. Amazed that people all around the world can be so similar, yet so different. Amazed at the beauty, the culture, the vastness…

What places have you traveled? How has traveling stretched your boundaries? Does every new location make you feel as if you’ve widened your horizons, that you’re a tiny speck in the universe?

Go Tiny!

2 thoughts on “Go Tiny!

    • Nothing sweeter than coming home, right? I agree! Nothing speaks comfort more than my own bed, my own pillow, and fixing a cup of coffee just the way I like it. We visited St. Lucia last year, Jill. One of our most relaxing cruises ev-ah! 🙂
      Enjoy your Wednesday, sweet friend!

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