The Best Part of Traveling is…

While our two sons were young, we lived in Florida, where seasons and cooler temperatures were non-existent. So, every winter break we loaded the car with heavy coats, sleds, and Christmas presents, and traveled to some faraway state, hoping to find snow.
After arriving at our destination, we would tuck all the presents under a miniature artificial tree and turn on the sparkling lights. Then, we’d snuggle in front of the fireplace and cheer for our favorite football teams or watch a movie, sipping hot chocolate loaded with whipped cream and sprinkles. In the morning, we’d all scramble to the window to see if it had snowed during the night. Nothing beat that first sight of freshly fallen snow, clean and pure, and shimmering like diamonds.
Now that hubby and I are empty nesters, we travel quite a bit more than we did when the kids were young. We’ve taken to cruising every year and have enjoyed visiting Italy, France, Croatia, Spain, Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Netherlands, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. We’ve tried new foods, explored new cultures, experienced unfamiliar situations, deciphered foreign languages, and encountered wonderful people along the way.
As much as I love traveling, the best part for me is…wait for it, wait for it…
Coming home. That sweet feeling that wells up as I walk in the door. Home, where everything is familiar, where our dog roams the yard without a leash, where I don’t need to pull up a map on my cellphone. Home, to a soft mattress and pillows shaped just the way I need them, coffee just the way I like it, and local restaurants with food and words I recognize. Home, to precious family nearby, where we don’t have to rely on Internet connections to chat or Google Hangouts to soak in their sweet faces. Home, to the comfort of a routine because that’s the way I roll.
Beck Harmon, fictional hero of Beck’s Peace, left home and wandered for ten years, seeking peace over his father’s death. Our motivation might be different, but he would say the same about his travels. The best part was coming home.

Which states/countries have you visited? What’s your favorite aspect of traveling? Least favorite?

Coming JULY 24
with Pelican Book Group
Burn survivor Savvy McCord doesn’t blame her best friend for running away. She can’t even look at her scars without wincing. When Beck’s disappearing act spans years, she relinquishes dreams of love and marriage. Unable to face Savvy’s expectations of happily-ever-after, Beck Harmon deserts her, far away from the rumors that he’s just like his father. When the wanderer returns, dreams of forever blossom in Savvy’s heart, but she worries he’ll leave again. Can Beck convince Savvy that her true beauty comes from her inner strength and faith? Will his idea to help burn victims regain their self-confidence restore Savvy’s trust in him? Will love be what the wanderer needs to find peace for his hurting soul?

13 thoughts on “The Best Part of Traveling is…

  1. Oh yes! Love that time away with family and friends, away from the busyness of life just to soak in each other's company. And I'm with you on all the packing and loading and laundry…but it doesn't stop us from going, does it? 🙂
    Appreciate you stopping by, Chris. Wishing you a Son-kissed Fourth!


  2. Have made three trips to New York and two trips to Portland with my three sisters and the best part has been the time we have been able to have together. I am so thankful for sisters that I am close to and can enjoy these times with. The worst part – I don't guess there is one.


  3. Recently returned from our first-ever trip to Montana, where our daughter & family moved not quite a year ago. A beautiful state in summer but I'd never survive the winters!

    Best part of traveling? Getting there! Worst part? The packing and unpacking. And personally, I'd rather drive just about anywhere we can get to in less than a day or two. Long, cramped flights and airport layovers are killers!


  4. Hi Dora, what a great post. We hope to take a European river cruise next year or two…so far my favorite places are London, Canadian Rockies, Washington DC, and Colorado. Oh, and Hawaii. We are very blessed that Sis lives in Oahu and we get to visit often. (I also loved our trip South. North Carolina soon for sure!!) hugs…congratulations on the book!!


  5. I'm with you, Myra. We visited Montana a decade or so ago, and fell in love with it…in June. Not sure I'd survive a winter there. 🙂

    We're planning a trip to MI in the fall and we're not flying this time. I'm already dreading the long drive. You can be sure I will load up my kindle. 😀


  6. Why, thank you, sweet lady! I'm so jealous when I see all your Hawaiian pics. We've visited three of the five places you mentioned. Hawaii is still on our list. You'll have to let us know how you enjoy the European river cruise. Hubby would like to do that sometime. xo


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