G is for GRAND…

This week’s letter is G…for Grand!

As in…


Our Little Man

that grow up to be grandsons

Playing ping-pong against Uncle Scott
Summer fun

Precious Granddaughters

Fun at the Latta Equestrian Center
Honor Roll Lunch

Grand times…

Our younger son’s UNC graduation

Celebrating with our family

Great Grandparents ~ My hubby scared me when he mentioned that’s a possibility for us in just a few years. Yikes! How can that be? Here we are discussing the joys of grand parenting with my parents. Love that we can still share this journey with them.

My parents and us

Grand trips

The Carnival Breeze, from our European tour in 2012
This year we’re on the Carnival Legend

What about you? What “grands” can you share?

I’ve been participating in the AtoZ blog hop, but since I have limited Internet access over the next couple of weeks, I’m unable to link up. If you’d like to hop on, you can do so here

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