Spring Cleaning

Did a little spring cleaning on my blog this week. It was kinda reminding me of the linen closet upstairs. You know…the one where you open the doors gingerly, afraid towels or spare pillows will come tumbling out. So you open the door, tug out what you need, and slam it shut, hoping all the clutter stays put because it’s too overwhelming, too time-consuming, to think about cleaning.

Not that my blog was messy or cluttered. I just felt the urge to spruce it up a bit, rearrange and redesign, but that takes time. And motivation. 

I confess I wasn’t blessed with an artistic design gene, and truthfully, I’ve been slightly timid and a little fearful about changing my blog too much. What happens if I can’t fix it or worse, if I lose everything?

Well, no more fear and trepidation. I backed up my template and set about finding ways to spruce it up, to give it a new feel. Shabby Blogs, Cutest Blog on the Block and My Favourite Things Blog offer some great tutorials and free stuff like backgrounds, headers and buttons. 

Now that I know there’s help out there should I mess up, I think I’ll change it up a bit more often. Look around. See what you think. Like the new look?

And, no, the linen closet still looks like that. One of these days…

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