A Writer’s Winter Survival Kit

A mid-morning jolt of caffeine and energy boost

Warm slippers

A mini-heater under my desk, just big enough to warm my legs

Ahhh…whoever invented fingertip-less gloves is a genius!

The occasional distraction from word counts and blog posts

What’s in your writer’s winter survival kit?

4 thoughts on “A Writer’s Winter Survival Kit

  1. You wouldn't last long in my house, Sandy. Hubby complains that he can hang meat in here. Thirty degrees at night, and I still have a window cracked open in the bedroom. Perfect snuggling, er…sleeping weather. lol


  2. A huge cup of coffee in a certain Writers mug, 😉
    One dog on my lap, another at my feet and still another on the dog bed to keep me from getting entirely lost in my story,
    The remote for the gas logs. (I know it isn't like a wood fire, but it does the trick and doesn't break my back).
    And a goose-down comforter over my legs.


  3. Bet the dogs keep you warm, but I love the goose-down comforter idea! My dog's a tad too big to fit in my lap. I wouldn't be able to reach the laptop, nor would I get any work done for laughing too hard. lol


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