Inspiration at the RT Booklovers Convention?

Chicago, gear up for romance lovers to storm your city for the RT Booklovers Convention! 
And, yes, you will meet inspirational authors as this segment of the convention blossoms and expands every year. Read the full line-up here
Check out this reader’s workshop in particular…

Wednesday, 4/11 
from 2:15-3:15 pm
Inspirational romance has come a long way, baby. Real people … real-life issues … real romance … and messages that remain long after the last page is turned. What is inspirational romance today, and what does it have to offer you, the reader?

Join inspirational authors Marianne Evans, Dorothy Love, Mary Manners and Dora Hiers
for this reader’s workshop.

Thursday, 4/12 
from 4-6:00 pm
I will be signing copies of Journey’s Edge and Journey’s End  at the E-Book & Graphic Novel Bookfair
Interested in attending? Check out the full schedule.
Stop by and say “hi.” I’d love to meet you.

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