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Can you believe April is breathing down our necks already? Wowza! Seems as if we just flipped the calendar to 2017. What happened?

This year, we’ve experienced some of the craziest weather since moving to North Carolina. We’ve had it all this winter. Rain. Snow. Arctic wind. One day it reaches the eighties, and the next, winter descends again. Crazy! What about where you live?

No more burrowing in front of a glowing fireplace for us. Nope. Not since adopting these two hooligans. Meet the newest members of our family. Que, 8 years young, and Bolder, 3 months, both lab mixes. Que (short for Quaszar which we could never spell!) is the sweetest, most gentle dog EVER. He never complains when The Terror pounces on him while he’s sleeping, bites his ears and paws, and tries to nurse. Really, Bolder?? But, to be fair, the little guy’s mama was a black lab, so I guess Que cuts him some slack.

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Our family

Y’all probably remember our sweet rascal Bruiser passed away last year. When I finally decided I wanted another dog (hubby almost passed out!), I visited an animal shelter and first saw Que. That look in his eyes, oh, friends, as if the light had gone out! He was the only dog who didn’t come to the front of the kennel to see me, just watched me from his bed. I read his message loud and clear. I’m old and overweight. You’re not interested. Save us both the trouble and walk on by. Broke my heart and left a soul-deep impression.

You see, when Que was surrendered by his humans last November, he weighed almost 140 pounds. He lost thirty pounds during his four months in the shelter, is working hard on the next thirty, and again, never complains about the negligible pile of food in his bowl or the constant wheedling from me to go outside and walk. Unlike me! Amazing how animals can teach us life lessons like not complaining or never giving up, isn’t it?

Hubby wanted a puppy. My heart was set on giving Que a home. So, you see where this is going, right? lol. Pray for us because this big guy suffers from separation anxiety and the little is being mighty stubborn about the whole potty training scenario. I’m trying to recall if I prayed recently for patience. You know how you pray for patience and boom! God throws some things at you to grant your request. Lol. Know what I’m talking about? Been there?

These new additions to our family kinda put the skids on the four books I’d planned to release this year. The three firefighter Heroes of Merriville (you met them briefly in Kissing Santa Nic) and a spin-off of a minor character from Christmas on Mistletoe Mountain. But after adopting these guys (one with special needs, the other, well, you know, puppy needs), writing and publishing four books seems rather ambitious. Please be patient with me. ❤

What’s going on in your life lately? Is your weather warm enough that you can spend more time outdoors? What do you like to do outdoors when spring rolls around? Any travel plans? I’d love to know. Any travel plans? Garden ideas? Any prayer requests? Jot me an email at DoraHiers@gmail.com or hop on my Facebook Page ( https://www.facebook.com/dorahiers/ ) and let me know how I can pray for you.

That’s it for me. Please know that you, dear reader, are one of my greatest blessings! It warms my heart to open your sweet, encouraging emails and to hop on Goodreads or Amazon and read your kind reviews, so keep them coming! You all are awesome!!

Thanks for hanging out with me for a few minutes. I hope you’ll come back often. Wishing you much joy and blessings in 2017!

With all my love,

Dora Hiers, author of Heart Racing, God-Gracing Romance

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